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who creates money out of nothing legally?

The banks can create "promised money" out of nothing when someone ask for a credit. As the money usually stands in banks, this money are only numbers that will be only "true money" when the client has paid all the credit plus the interest.
The banks only need a few amount of real money, a reserve just in case some clients want to take it out, but usually the big amounts travel as numbers from one bank to another: checks, visa cards payments, bank transfers...
10% of the money is on the streets, the 90% travels through the banks... only numbers.

The banks lend you the money you will return in the future, not their own money but your own money. Ridiculous?... of course. That's why when everybody wants to get real paper money from the banks at the same time, the banks have to close, because they don't have such amount of money but a big amount of numbers in its computers and a little amount of real money.

If I have a car I can lend this car to you and to ten more people at the same time. I'll give to all of you a note that says "This guy has a car in my garage". When all of you have returned me the cars borrowed, (a real car in this case) then I'll have eleven cars plus the interest.
And with eleven cars, I could lend 100 cars, gaining 100 more cars.
The only requirement is that none of you take out the car from my garage at the same time.
With cars it doesn't work, but with money... it's a deal!
¿Can I do that? No, that's illegal, its a cheat.
Well, I'm a bank. Can I do that? Of course, its absolutely legal.

So the banks create debts that need money to be paid. Debts and interest that can't be paid with the money that it's outside. They create problems, but not real money.

The total debt can't be paid, cos the total amount of "number money" doesn´t exist yet as "real money". Then, someone would make more money...

The ones that create money out of nothing are institutions like the Federal Reserve (with the monopoly of creating dollars in the case of United States), or the Central Banks, like the European Central Bank (with the monopoly of creating euros).

And the new money is not proportional with the things to buy or the real needs, but to the debts to pay and the tricks of these smart bastards to get more richness while the rest of the world gets more and more poor.
The mechanic is to suply money one year so the people get in debt, and several years later cut the money so the people were unable to pay his debts and loses his possesion, lands and bussines. Then the banks can acquire them at low cost.
Without possesions nor lands, the people must rent, work for others... being slaves of the owners of the Earth.
The process is repeated constantly.

Some people doesn't believe it or doesn't understand... the economy is so complicated. No. Throw away the mask complicated numbers... It's very simple, it's a manipulated scam.

¿What about the aids of the banks and the governments?... well, nobody wants his slaves to die or be so bad that they start a revolution, only that they live in poverty, alive to keep working paying debts, taxes and rents.

You work a little for you, and a lot to pay taxes to pay banks, and taxes to pay governments that pay banks and "Federal Reserves", "Central Banks"... or whatever they want to call itselfs.

Even the United States don't create their own dollars, ¡their own national money!, they have to ask for a credit of new invented money to a private lucrative institution (the FED), that prints the paper-money, or digital money (and this is real money!). The debts of that trade of the state are called bonds. You are paying with your taxes, or the taxes that increases the prices of the things you buy, the interest of the people that has these bonds.
You can buy bonds too. If your country (or another country) needs more money, it could borrow from anyone, you can buy its bonds. But you will need a lot of excess money to buy a lot of them and make it a profitable deal. So this is a deal only for very rich people.
If you're not rich, work hard to pay your taxes to the deal of these rich peoples, to make them more rich.

Or you can try to became rich like them. There are a lot of books that explains how to do it, and by the way you can make more rich to the author of the book.
The fact is that: The only way to became rich is impoverishing a lot of people, the number of victims depends on how much rich do you want to be.
Directly: You have to steal. But there are illegal ways to steal and legal ways.
You can save your soul thinking that the impoverished people is stupid. The fact is that you have now their possesions, their money, their lands. They still have a country, yes, but they are owners of nothing of worth there, the owners are the richs, even then richs from another countries.
If they want to plant, they have to pay you, ¡you're the owner of his land!. They are stupid!

Do you have they rights to rob a person the land that could give him the food and the house where he could live simply cause he's stupid or he doesn`t have an army like you?...
OF COURSE!!!! You must have fallen from the Moon asking about that.

Well, if that were true...
¿How can it be? ¿How the politicians that support that reach the power? These two are the same questions and the same answers.
¿Because the people vote?... [laughts] People can only vote betwen a black smiling dog or a white similing dog. The best smile wins!
Furthermore, if you live in the First World, you can being exploited, but never such notoriusly as if you lived at the Third World.

There are some videos and documents that explains the parts of the puzzle of the economic trick. You have to connect pieces, and then make your own conclusions.
What I've written are my own conclusions, not being expert in any case.

Something to start:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxyyVW6sCO8 (in spanish)

The banks lend inexisting money to be returned with an interest.
The amount of the money to be returned plus the interest doesn't exist. So there's a problem.
There´s more debt than money to fix the debt.

The government "buys" new money to the Federal Reserve.
Now there is real money to pay the debts... somewhere, but the new money is not in the hands of those who had to pay the debts.
The worker has to work more for the owners of the "new money" he needs to pay his debts and the interests.
The worker has to work more for the government that has "bought" this "new money" to the Federal Reserve, and has to pay his debts and the interests.
The worker has to work more because his money has fall in value, because now there's more money.
The worker perhaps can up with this exploiting other workers (jump to "how to be rich")

For who is the "new money" the government has "bought" to the Federal Reserve?
1. For the Federal Reserve owners.
2. For the creditors of the government (The FED, banks, investors... all those who had bonds of the country)
3. The rest is for whatever the government wants to use it. Public sanity, public security, public works, wars to exploit non cooperating countries, politician and friends "tips"...

When reach this "new money" the worker?
When he has asked for another credit to the bank. (jump to the point 1)
Aftr the first ones have spent it.

Why is better to have this "new money" before than after? (being betwen the first ones)
An example:
There are 3 fishes per day and 3 dollars per day. There are 3 workers with one dollar per day. Each worker can buy a fish per day with his dollar.
The FED makes 3 more dollars. The first ones with these new money can still buy fishes with one dollar. THEY (the firsts) buy 3 fishes, and next day the sellers-workers have one more dollar each one, two instead one.
As they all have 2 dollars, and theres still 3 fishes per day (or less, cause the FIRSTS has bought a lot of thing with this new fresh money), each fish cost now two dollars. But they have to pay taxes to the government, 1 dollar per worker.
Now, they have to work harder to obtain 6 fishes, in order to each fish costs 1 dollar again. This is hard (and there are some other factors), they better ask for a credit to the bank. They borrow 1 inexisting dollar and will have to return the dollar plus the interest.
¡This money doesn't exist!

Don't worry, the FED keeps on making dollars, the workers have more debts and interests to pay and more taxes to pay because the government also has more debts to pay.
Maybe some of them find a way to obtain more fishes exploiting other workers, or to obtain the fishes from other poor countries.
If the government and some workers make this... the economy can grown up: obtaining the money and the fishes from other countries (exploiting or robbing, NEVER BUYING or the money will fly way, except in the case of buying ridiculous cheap)

This way, the losses and debts that are increased are the ones of the exploited countries.
And what these countries receive in exchange? hum... more debts... and... more debts... slavery... hum... problems... ¡¡¡and the civilization!!!... poverty.

Could a country stand without debts exploiting only his resources and his own people?
What? Do you mean a country of the First World? In the First World there's also poor people, and slavery (that is not called slavery, but work to pay debts and taxes, or rents for the oenwr of the land or bussines where you work). If we don't exploit other countries there would be more slavery yet in our own country!!!
Remember we have to pay to those smart people who makes up "money of nothing" and give credits with "not-existing-yet money" (those that borrows you your own future money and still demands you the payment of interests).
We can work very very very hard to get the pay of all our debts, but then, THEY will make more "new money" again, buying more cheap resources. In 6 months or one year, we'll have the same money, less resources, and all things will cost more. So we really have less money.
The next step is more debts, more work to pay the debts... (jump to point 1)

This doesn't sound well...

We better need an external source to give this rich elite their deserved taxes and pay the less amount possible from our own country resources and pockets.

If our great coporations sack well across those poor countries full of stupids, dictators and terrorists (the people in the TV doesn't lies!!!), with the aid of our army if necesary  (if the bribes, assasins and troublemakers fails), we'll have to pay less, and we can obtain cheap stuff to buy. If ther masters are happy and rich, the dogs are happy. If the masters have problems, the dogs should work harder to obtain more money in order the masters pay his debts first and became rich again.
But remember: a dog will be always a dog. A slave will be always a slave while the master rules.

I've been purposely exaggerate at the examples, and there are more points not touched, like the danger for the middle and low classes of a rich country with the delocation of enterprises and services. It's a neverending list of implications.
The fact is that we can't all be rich at the same time ¿who will work?

Neither we could all be middle-class. If each one works for him and for a little common services ¿who will work for those who want the others work for them?

Well, we could be middle-class and some little richs. No, the very richs needs to be very very rich with a big difference over the most of the people. That way they will be sure they would never become middle-class or low-class because an unlucky bussines. Their excess of money serves to save his richness, serves to put the politicians they want, quit the politicians they don't want, control the mass media, the education of the people, and to support bribes and wars to protect his bussines and exploits around the world.

(Sorry for my bad english and lack of a more varied vocabulary)

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